Smart Watch

  • New Smart Watch

    New Smart Watch

    An off the shelf android smart watch has been used to develop a system that monitors activity unobtrusively. This will be used for data acquisition in AART-BC.

  • Interactive


    The smart watch is fully interactive through its touch sensitive colour screen, this means that the watch not only passively records information, but it can also be used to interact with the patient.

  • Unobtrusive Monitoring

    Unobtrusive Monitoring

    Prof James has been working with this type of technology through previously funded work on unobtrusive monitoring in mental health for patients with Bipolar Disorder as well as in independent living in the elderly.


The Smart Watch delivers data over prolonged periods of time and advanced pattern processing techniques extract Individual Condition Scores for each patient.

Smart Watch

The Smart Watch platform consists of an off the shelf Android device that is filled with sensors such as GPS and tri-axis accelerometery,; as well as having a lot of connectivity (Wifi, GPRS, Bluetooth, etc.). The "watch" form factor means that the platform can be worn and "forgotten" - crucial to allowing us monitoring unobtrusively.

The Philosophy

A bespoke data acquisition platform to acquire, pre-process and forward data from the sensor suite will be developed. This will take inputs from the novel tattoo sensors as well as off the shelf devices.The Smart Watch will be will be further developed to generate position and activity data, whence the pre-processed information is collated, and securely transmitted to ‘the cloud’ for processing.

Data Analysis

The data analysis suite will use state of the art data conditioning, feature extraction and machine learning techniques to learn and extract an Individual Condition Score (ICS) for each patient. The ICS is a measure based on the actions of the user over time as well as their use of the ART, and takes into account clinical expertise, and user experience regarding the characterisation of the condition. It will be used as a measure indicating the individual’s adherence to/ use of ART and their progress.