• AART-BC is funded!

    AART-BC is funded!

    The Adaptive Assistive Rehabilitative Technologies-Beyond the Clinic project arose from an EPSRC funded Sandpit in September 2014. We call the project AART-BC (or "Artbook") for short. AART-BC starts in April 2014.

  • The Project

    The Project

    This project focuses on the development of a platform to monitor the use of AT and compliance with RP and support the patient outside of the clinic.

  • Our consortium

    Our consortium

    We are 7 institutions in the AART-BC consortium, these include: University of Warwick, University of York, University of Cardiff, University of Kent, University of Salford, Oxford Brookes University and University College London.

  • The AART-BC plan

    The AART-BC plan

    A suite of sensors will sense patient and RT’s alike. Data from the sensor suite are used to provide Individualised Condition Signatures, which are used to feedback to the user and their environment, the clinician/ carer and the research stakeholder.

  • AART-BC problem space

    AART-BC problem space

    AART-BC is about monitoring usage and compliance of ART in many different ways: 1.Various patient groups will be considered. 2. ART in the home and out & about. 3. ART applied to wheelchair users, stroke rehab, prothesis. 4. Various quality measures will assess performance.

Sharing our Developments

We intend to share progress in the various developments as part of AART-BC, be they the novel use of tattoo sensors, the extraction of individualised condition signatures or the numerous technical and pilot trials we intend to run.

Seminars & Workshops

As part of this project we will be organising a number of meetings each year open to all interested end-users -please visit our web-pages, we will post up relevant information here.

Follow Us

Please follow us on Twitter (@aart-bc) and Facebook if you want to get updated on progress as we work our way through this fascinating project.

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